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Meet The Team

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Luke Cauchi

Director - Luke is the man at the helm! He is passionate about making Trill Electrical the best in the business. Communication is key to getting the best out of his team and he is always looking for ways to improve processes to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Luke and his wife are preparing to welcome a baby into their family in September!

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Chris Bass

Project Manager - Chris has been with Trill Electrical for 3 years now and for the last 12 months has moved into a Project Management role. Originally from England Chris loves to travel! He also enjoys MMA (mixed martial arts) and playing soccer.

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Back of House

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Grace Cagliostro

Accounts Manager - Grace is the unsung hero of the back of house team. For many months she has single handedly looked after accounts and administration which are vital roles that go largely un-noticed.


Susy Wilczek

Administration Coordinator - Susy is a fairly recent addition to the team and brings a wealth of experience with her. She has an accounts and administration background in a variety of industries. Mother of two grown up boys, she loves family get togethers.

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Team Leaders

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Craig Howard

Craig heads up one of our commercial teams and has been with Trill since January 2020. Originally from Scotland, he loves to travel. An accomplished snow boarder, he tried surfing for the first time this year and loved it!

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Brad is our residential team leader and has been with Trill for around 12 months. He hopes to oversee the growth of the residential teams. He enjoys playing roller-blade hockey, AFL and American Gridiron.

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Mitchell Cauchi

Logistics - Mitchell is responsible for the warehousing and distribution of all the gear for the jobs. Away from work Mitchells loves to spend time with his partner and daughter.


Deklan Alexander

Heading up an Electrical team, Deklan has been onboard since October 2019. He would like to run his own company one day and in the meantime, enjoys going to the gym, spending time with his mates and going to the footy.

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Kawana Withell

Another one of our team leaders is Kawana. He's a fairly new addition to the team and has years of experience as an electrician. One of his goals is to become involved in project management. He enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 children!

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The Rest of the Crew

Dylan Lord

Dylan has only been with Trill Electrical since April 2021 and he is a first year apprentice. He was voted employee of the month by his peers in June! He enjoys computer gaming, soccer and cricket.

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Maraiwai Cakacaka

Maraiwai....also known as Maz or Mars, is a solar panel installer and has been with Trill Electrical since January 2021. He enjoys Rugby and spending time with family.

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Tana will be our newest  first year apprentice and we are eagerly awaiting his start once he is free to leave lockdown.

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Seamus Keating

Seamus is a first year apprentice who started with Trill around three months ago. He enjoys rock climbing, skate boarding and computer gaming.

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Justin Csecsi

Justin is a solar panel installer who enjoys large commercial projects. He likes to spend his down time with friends and watching sports of all kinds.

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