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Protect Your Home And Business From Future Energy Prices When You Go Solar

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why invest in solar?

Electricity prices have increased over the last few years, resulting in increased expenses for households and businesses.

On the other hand, the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems has declined, making solar an increasingly affordable option for your home and business.


By installing a PV system, you will be able to offset your electricity consumption and hedge against future price rises.

There has never been a better time to consider going solar.

Our Services

Why Choose Trill Electrical

We make going solar simple

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australian owned

Trill Electrical is 100% Australian owned. We are fast, efficient, respectful & passionate about our work.

installation experts

Our team of qualified electrical experts ensure you the customer gets the 5 star Trill Electrical experience.

quality assurance

Because we only hire the best qualified electricians, this allows use to ensure you are getting the best quality service every time.

australian warranty

Trill Electrical provides a 2-year warranty on the workmanship of the system. All products come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

excellent customer support

Our highly experienced, skilful, and friendly team can guide you through our sales, installation, and customer support procedures.

flexible finance

We offer a range of competitive financing solutions for our customers, including options for commercial and residential solar systems.

Find out if solar is right for your home or business

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